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BMW M8 Hybrid
According to the German magazine Autozeitung and quoted by GT Spirit, but not yet confirmed by any of our sources, BMW is in the planning stage of a new, supersports, flagship model that could carry the M8 badge. News of a future BMW supercar have been going around for months now, but nothing solid has leaked to the press yet. The car is rumored to take advantage of BMW’s advanced development in the hybrid world, and the car’s performance could reach 600 horsepower. According to the same German magazine, the technical background is completed, but everyone is waiting for BMW’s board decision on whether to purse this project. The new model, rumored to be called the M8, will be based on the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept unveiled at the IAA 2009. The hybrid drivetrain will offer near 600 ponies. The VED Concept idea goes through some iterations, and the new M8 will be five inches longer. The highly speculative M8 will be offered with a 2+2 seating combination. If the rumors turned out true, then the hybrid drivetrain in this M8 will be a major breakthrough for BMW. The engine is based of the V10 unit found in the E60 M5, but it will add two new electric motors, in a similar layout as the VED: front and rear. BMW Vision EfficientDynamics illustrated The first electric motor will deliver 80-115hp and the back one will deliver more than 50hp. To maintain a lower curb weight and drive more performance, the BMW M8 could include an aluminum chassis, carbon fiber bodywork and fine Kevlar bucket seats. The weight target? 1500 kilograms. The BMW M8 is said to debut sometimes in 2012. For now, we are considered these news to be highly speculative, but we will report as soon as we learn further details.
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